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About Cheng Lee

Cheng Lee has immense experience in legal practice for over 20 years now in areas of conveyancing and retail banking.

The areas comprise within the umbrella of conveyancing such as developer's task from advising on the sale and purchase of development land, units of housing (landed and strata properties), retail banking tasks following the successful of sale of units with borrowers consisting of Malaysian's as well as overseas and foreign investors.

Cheng Lee has also presented talks about the National Land Code and the laws surrounding properties relevant to bankers, in regard to land acquisition, powers of attorney and land titles, on Wills - "To Do or Not To Do" and on "Purchasing Properties - Where Do I Start!".

Teh Cheng Lee



Bachelor of Laws, LL.B

Masters of Laws LL.M. @
University of Hull

Barrister-at-Law (Middle Temple)

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